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To the Officers Corner

Welcome to the Light Defender's Portal
We would like to introduce you into the adventurous world of Sarnaut, and mostly the life we build up here in a Sarnaut's Guild.

Life can be perilous when wandering around, so trustworthy companions are a must, especcially when the Imperial Troops are about. You can have your back covered, by friendship, but also by crafted Potions or gear if wished for!

If on land you feel safe enough, together we can explore the wide Astral, survive waves of Demons to build up the roots of the tree our guild is.

We can offer you a welcoming place, of reasonable people with the heart on the right spot. There is always time for a well-placed topic-talk, and surely you don't run danger being treated wrongly!

A strong Light Defender is capable of leading themselves. They know what they want, and are not afraid of working for their goals themselves. This guild is not having a leader. This guild is consisting out of leaders. Every single one of us is in charge, in charge to build up the Light Defenders, able and allowed to imagine what their guild is like, and shape it like they desire it.

Come and serve this guild, and this guild will serve you.
See you soon, as a true Defender of the Light!

Kiya ;)
Welcome to the Light Defenders Guild!

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Please use these lists to cooperate with one another regarding crafting Click Here!
And for all new profession starters, do read this thread before starting out: Important!

Alright, hope its easier to find now ^^.

Greetings, Kiya :)
Engagement, Energy and Cooperation!